Precision Glass, Inc.

An American manufacturer of premium specialty glass tubing products

In our manufacturing facility in Southern California we produce a wide variety of glass tubing meeting the needs of hermetic seal production, electronics assembly, commercial applications, medical device manufacture, and various research fields. Our productions runs can be very small prototype quantities, up to thousands or millions of parts delivered on a weekly basis.

Our basic capability starts with drawing, or re-drawing glass tubing. In these processes, we produce tubing or cane to your specifications including glass type, ID, OD, and concentricity. We have a large inventory of raw tubing material to work from. In addition, we stock billet and strip forms of specialty glasses. Working with our suppliers we can develop custom glass formulations, or draw material you have melted. Square and rectangular geometries are also possible.

Different applications require specific end finishes. Our end finish options include scribe and break, diamond sawed, ground, ground and polished, and fire polished.

Starting with simple tubing geometries, King Precision Glass can produce an unlimited number of forms. Multiple fused tubes, multiple holes, microscopic holes, bends, flairs, drawn tips, sealed ends, etc.

If you have been told your glass requirement is too small, or too hard to produce, we are here to serve your needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements today.